Dates with Friends. Prom in College.

As photographers, and as a student in particular, we get waded down by commercial shoots and professionalism. I for one need some down time. When my lovely friend, Diandra, proposed a fun girls only photoshoot, I was sceptical. She LOVES her prom dress and wanted a photo with it. Of course I was to put on a dress and be photographed as well.

The day of the shoot arrived. I dreaded it all day. I set up the lighting with a saddening slowness and put on my dress. Thinking nothing fun or productive would come out of this shoot, I stood in front of the camera with my friend while firing away the first couple shots.

I had such a fantastic time!! Turns out being in prom every now and then is good for your health.

As a side note, it was not only fun but it was also productive. I'm accomplishing a homework assignment with the image and story.
Kelsey LaneComment