How Does She Do It?

As any fashion photographer should be, I am ENAMORED by Annie Leibovitz. Her Vogue editorial of "Marie Antoinette" is simply spectacular.

Annie thinks of a set in terms of "density" not necessarily with the traditional rule of thirds in mind. The way her mind works seems to be much more calculated and by the look of her images, I can image she sees her images in black and white. Contrast is an important element in her photographs.

She realizes that every shoot has new dynamics and that you can't expect to get the same thing from every shoot. This is a realization I need to hold on to.

A weakness of mine that she completely embodies is that she is a very personable presence on set. She hugs and kisses her models, something I have a hard time doing in a professional setting.

Check out this video to see some of her work: 

I would give an arm and a leg to meet Annie Leibovitz.
Kelsey LaneComment