Anthropologie Fall Fashion Photoshoot

I recently did a photoshoot capturing the colorful fall fashion. Contrary to past fall styles with dark pallets and subdued colors, Anthropologie offers bright colors and interesting patterns.

 Not only did the colors come across in the tops, but they carried all the way down to the pants and shoes. I didn't think I would ever like the look of green pants and orange shoes, but this I just couldn't resist.

Even the skirts had a flair for the dramatic whether it be the flowy vintage fabric of the 30's or the retro lace patterns. A new twist from Anthropologie were the rich fall colors added to the garments and patterns.

The last and most fascinating thing about this fall collection are the tights! Not only do they come in fantastic colors, but they complement the rest of the clothing so well.

You can of course check out their AMAZING clothing at

Kelsey LaneComment