Vogue Spread Mock

Every fashion photographer dreams of ending up in Vogue Magazine with the cover shot and a magnificent spread. With that ultimate goal in mind, I created a photoshoot to emulate something that could go in Vogue. Granted, I couldn't quite get a hold of Anne Hathaway or Kristen Dunst. Our schedules didn't quite match up. However, I was able to come up with an amazing group of talented ladies to work on this with me:

Models: Amanda Wilkins, Desiree Brajevich, Elizabeth Rhoades, Katherine Ort, Megan Wescott, Mila Hughes and Kendal Kantola.

Hair/Makeup: Ursula Opalka

Stylist: Penny McMillian Hughes

Graphic Designer: Spring Moon

Photographer's website: www.kelseylanephotography.com

These ladies are so wonderful and I just loved working with them!
Kelsey LaneComment