A Rainy Wedding

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." 

That's exactly what Bree and Spencer did on their wedding day. It was raining like crazy, but they took it in stride and had a truly sunny day. 

Bree looked beautiful in her mermaid silhouette dress and elegant updo. Her mother, sister in law and nieces were there to help her get ready for her big day. This Bride-mama-to-be is the definition of beauty. She radiates a bridal and maternal glow that is elevated by her feathery wedding dress dancing around her.

Spencer also had his own entourage to support him. Family was very important to both sides of this couple, as they were to be shortly starting their own wonderful family. 

Through an emotionally touching ceremony, Spencer and Bree spoke their vows to each other. 

Again, the abundance of friends and family surrounding these two were astounding. I was even able to get a little goofy in there too! 

Congratulations, Bree and Spencer on a wonderful life together!

Kelsey LaneComment