Love is Love!

"Tell me I'm clever. Tell me I'm kind. Tell me I'm talented. Tell me I'm cute. Tell me I'm sensitive, graceful and wise. Tell me I'm perfect. -- But tell me the truth."  -Shel Silverstein
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I’m all for equality, and it makes my heart happy to see Matt + Jonathan together. They’re two amazing (and sassy in Jonathan’s case) individuals who truly compliment each other so well. Go gay love!

These two were nice enough to let me photograph them in the middle of the heart of Capitol Hill, in Poquitos. It’s a perfect place not only for an editorial engagement shoot, but also for tacos. And margaritas. Don’t forget the margaritas… 

Poquitos. Photo: Kelsey Lane

Poquitos. Photo: Kelsey Lane

Dear Jonathan + Matt, 
I love how you're sassy and sweet at the same time! 
xoxo  Kelsey
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