A Paper Flower that's Easy to Make and Pinterest Worthy!

Am I a photographer? Yes. Do I spend most of my time photographing? Nooooo. Something that I love doing in the rainy, wintery months of Seattle is work on my branding and packaging. Driven by Starbucks, the Seahawks, and crafting power, an ever supportive friend and I staked our claim on the perfect wedding client branding! An easy to make paper flower will also come in handy for many a friend's birthday package, Christmas present or even blank greeting cards. 

This is an easy step by step tutorial on how to make my multiple layer flower decoration on any package of your own!  All you need to do is draw/print out your templates and use this wonderful paper pack to get the rest of the job done. We had drew our twig pieces to give a unique look. Find some cute paper and you're set to go!