Snowy Family Portrait Session

Props were the name of the game. I was lucky enough to be home for Thanksgiving where I booked the Kinzler family portraits. It's the best thing I could've asked for to be home and have all the access to my mother's cute holiday decorations. I mean there's nothing that says 'Holidays are Here" more than cute kids wrapped up in Christmas lights. 

Mom and I were doing some location tests before the Kinzlers got there, so we were able to have some fun beforehand. Don't think for a minute that we didn't take a shot of Jim Beam. We did. 

The Kinzler Kids, Mia, Simon, and Zach were loving playing around in the snow. As much as they loved their dog, Ruff (ADORABLE name), she wasn't having the snow at all. At all. She was picking up her feet the entire time. Poor girl. 


Their dog, Ruff, wasn't feeling so rough with this cold Montana weather. A brisk, seven degree evening was having us running for the car to keep warm.

Dear Kinzler Clan, 

Needless to say I had a blast romping around in the snow with you. I hope you all get EXACLY what you ask for from Santa! 

Stay warm and I'll catch you when I'm back in town!

-Kelsey, Your Fellow Montana Native Photographer

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