Happy Birthday, America! Helllooooo!

Hellooooo World and Happy Birthday, America! 

4th of July_Kelsey Lane Photography_Flag portrait

I hope you don't mind that I dive in here and tell you a little bit about me and this photography business that I LOVE. 


Writing about yourself is always a bit funny. Let's see - what can I tell you that you'll find entertaining, shock you in that happy kind of way, and let you know the LEAST crazy things about me? I am a business owner, a swimmer, and a sometimes bizarrely happy human being. 

I eat more Twinkies than a respectable lady should, think elephants are the best, love my dog and I sometimes think I suffer from too much motivation.

Sometimes I feel quite intelligent, other times I have to sing the ABCs in my head to remember which letter comes next. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. My amazing and spoiling boyfriend is the love of my life.

My mom and I are tight. If I say "the other day," there's a chance I mean up to a year ago. I overshare constantly (you're welcome), laugh inexplicably loud and am obscenely positive.


Getting to know you & your stories, capturing your tears of joy and belly-aching laughter, watching you pull on those Spanx to your messy-hair-don't-care-barefoot send-off at the end of the night—such are the magical moments I not only treasure, but will ensure that the open bar won't wash them away. Succulents, beer, and adventure are just a few of my favorite things. Oh, yours, too? See, we're practically best friends already :)




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